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The new 2006 edition "The Life, Art, and Music of Daniel Johnston" is now available.

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MURAL Frog Weather proof sticker

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5" x 4.5" weatherproof Sticker suitable for car windows.

This is a reproduction of the MURAL drawn by Daniel on the wall of the Sound Exchange music store in Austin, Texas in 1992. Faced with demolition in early 2004, in response to community protests it was preserved by owner John Oudt. This year it enjoys restoration and a bronze plaque!

Over the years it has gained the support and affection of Austin residents, becoming a cultural landmark of the creative spirit of Austin.

There is no shipping charge on this item if there are OTHER ITEMS (that have shipping) in the same order. For no shipping charge on this item select "ADD-ON ITEM". If you order ONLY this Sticker in your order, be sure to select "(plus shipping)" and there will be a MINIMAL shipping charge. Thanks.

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Christmas Cards

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10 LARGE Rock Around The Christmas Tree cards on 5 1 2 x 8 1 2 inch cream parchment with 10 envelopes

15 SMALL Rock Around The Christmas Tree cards on 2 3 4 x 4 1 4 inch cream parchment with 15 envelopes

15 SMALL cards with 5 different images the Rock Around The Christmas Tree and four other images on 2 3 4 x 4 1 4 inch cream parchment with 15 envelopes

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FLAT Refridgerator Magnets

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Choose from SPACE DUCKS cover, HI HOW ARE YOU album cover, or WELCOME TO MY WORLD album cover

Flexible magnetic pad will adhere to your refrigerator and DESTROY your magnetic media like CASSETTE TAPES - so DO NOT KEEP the magnets near magnetic media!!!

SPACE DUCKS - 2.75 x 3.5 inches
Hi How Are You album - 2 x 4 inches
Welcome To My World - 3 x 4 inches

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Rejected Unknown BUTTONS

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$2 50   ONE (1) RU Button

  Regular: $3.00
Out of Stock
Button from Daniel's album cover "Rejected Unknown" (1999).

Approximately 1 1/2" (3.8 cm) square. Garment attachment pin on the back.

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