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Yip Jump Music CD

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From the original 1983 cassette tape made in his brother's garage. Tracks:

1 Chord Organ Blues
2 The Beatles
3 Sorry Entertainer
4 Speeding Motorcycle
5 Casper The Friendly Ghost
6 Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Your Grievances
7 Danny Don't Rapp
8 Sweetheart
9 King Kong
10 The Creature / Third Chair
11 I Live For Love
12 Almost Got Hit By A Truck
13 Worried Shoes
14 Dead Lover's Twisted Heart
15 Rocket Ship
16 God
17 Love Defined (the Bible)
18 Museum Of Love
19 Rarely LYRICS
20 I Remember Painfully


CD Eternal Yip Eye Music (2006)

From the 1983 cassette tape.

The most popular Daniel Johnston album of all! Kurt Cobain listed it as #35 is his top 50 favorite albums.

These CDs are the ones re-issued and in stores today, and they do include the VERY COOL insert / poster with the STORY of Yip Jump Music, photos, and lyrics.