• FLY EYE - Yet another tribute to the great Daniel Johnston

    Tell Me Now - by Überaffe

    Don't Let the Sun Go Down On Your Grievances - by The Pedestrians Pets

    Mountain Top - by Tampopo

    My Yoke Is Heavy - by Younolovebunny

    Hey Joe - by Jacob Faurholt

    Honey I Sure Miss You - by Überaffe

    Held the Hand - by Yonolovebunny

    Impossible Love - by the Pedestrians Pets

    Sadsac and Tarzan - by Überaffe

    The Sun Shines Down On Me - by Younolovebunny

    Tell Me Now - by Tampopo + Ditte D

    I Feel So High - by Überaffe

    Worried Shoes - by the Pedestrians Pets

    Casper the Friendly Ghost - by Überaffe

    True Love WIll Find You In The End - by Jacob Faurholt

    by Suncarrot Records  (thanks to Claus and Nis)

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  • Rejected Unknown FAN SITE

    Daniel Johnston - Rejected Unknown Official Fan Site Daniel Johnston's official FAN SITE, has been up and down in various states of dis-function for almost five years.   Efforts are under way to get it up and restored in every way to make UNPUBLISHED material on Daniel Johnston available to fans, to share pictures and antidotes, and news about fans covering Daniel's music, or tours or events or whatever.

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