• Jeremiah the Innocent STATUE in Austin

    Hi, how are you? Fine, thanks… While reporting this week about the installation of a series of public art projects in the Red River Cultural District, a memory jogged loose of a different music-related and very Austin art project for the area that hasn’t come to pass yet. In 2014 and 2015 there were rumblings that James Moody, co-owner of the Mohawk nightclub and a partner in the Guerilla Suit marketing firm, was getting ready to announce a fundraising effort to pay for a statue of Jeremiah the Innocent, the alien-eyed frog creature made famous by his signature greeting – “Hi, how are you” – in a piece of graffiti just off the Drag by Austin musician Daniel Johnston. The statue was to have been a signifier of sorts for the then-just-formed Red River Cultural District, but the effort never materialized. A text message check-in with Moody on the status of Jeremiah produced the following; “The idea, which can still happen, is a partnership with Louis (Grachos) at The Contemporary, Daniel (Johnston), and the RRCD. The statue would be commissioned by a fund raise, housed at Laguna Gloria, and then begin the process of finding public or private land at/near the RRCD for all to enjoy. I’ve just been too dang busy to put the necessary time and muscle behind it, but it needs to happen and the contemporary is down.”

    The Austin Monitor, July 2017

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