Welcome To My World

Released: April 2006

This lo-fi collection of "hits" from the talented and tormented star of The Devil & Daniel Johnston is a worthy introduction of aimed both at recent converts or devotees whose original '80s homemade cassettes have snapped from use. Included are classic Daniel self-pity sonnets like "Walking the Cow," along with exclusive bonus extras.


1. Peek A Boo
2. Casper The Friendly Ghost
3. Some Things Last A Long Time [copyrighted as 'Things Last A Long Time']
4. Walking The Cow
5. I'm Nervous
6. Man Obsessed
7. Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Your Grievances
8. Never Before Never Again
9. The Sun Shines Down On Me
10. Chord Organ Blues
11. Living Life
12. Speeding Motorcycle
13. True Love Will Find You In The End
14. Never Relaxed
15. Sorry Entertainer
16. Ain't No Woman Gonna Make A George Jones Outta Me
17. The Lennon Song
18. Deviltown
19. Laurie
20. The Story Of An Artist
21. Funeral Home