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16  General Discussion / News Talk / Congratulation Parent on: April 28, 2010, 02:58:57 AM
I don't mean to clutter these boards with my ramblings, I actually hold back a lot.
Mr. Long, I don't know if this is your first child, or your eighth. I'm not trying to give you advise, You seem like a Wise One, and it's you that I at times seek advice from.
Sometimes I just get inspired. The people in my life, think my poetry is senseless, but I don't hold it against them.

To look into a babies eyes and see the wandering mind, in it's blank slate questioning form,
is to witness the celebration,
And to look into the expressions of youth and That which lives and Breathes in relation,
is to witness Life's Spark the Seed, and the celebration,
The Blossom, an unfolding, forming the result of your effort.
It's a big responsibility knowing, that those first few years are so important. Give that baby all the love you can muster, and remember, a childs mind is fleeting, and unconsciously absorbing,
you have to teach the same things over and over,
Patience, really pays,
and the role love plays,
and there's nothing more than what the mother and father says,
Teaching the child how to think for himself, is the ultimate challenge which pays in full,

Patience and love is the rule. Spoiling a child is not the result of love and comforting, but the result of a child unarmed, and unlearned,
17  General Discussion / News Talk / Maybe You'd Be My Friend (enquiry?) on: March 31, 2010, 09:39:45 AM
Can someone please tell me where 'Maybe You'd Be My Friend' is found. What album? I have been listening to it on Playlist.com, and can't find information about it. I'm kind of computer illiterate, and that goes on along with how to use these boards. So that would be deeply appreciated. Between Playlist.com, and LaLa, especially with LaLa, I have an awesome Daniel Johnston online collection. I am starting to buy the albums, one at a time. There are about 70 of his songs now, that I have found,  and they are ALL on my Top 10 list. Now I just got to get the albums.
Maybe You'd Be My Friend  Huh
Such an awesome song!
18  General Discussion / News Talk / Information about Daniel Johnston in a MISFITS hat on: January 31, 2010, 08:56:39 AM
Over the past couple of months or so, I have been reading more than usual, and amongst my readings, I remember something about Daniel wearing a Misfits hat. Can someone tell me where I can find this picture. I've got to see it. That is so awesome. I think the Misfits  were one of the great rock-n-roll bands. Danzig had some great moments. I sure would appreciate the information.
19  General Discussion / Fan Forums / Re: Question about a certain condition on: January 29, 2010, 02:26:48 AM
He says that it's not paranoia. He says he's not paranoid about anything, except being paranoid. He says thanks though for your input.
The truth is, he couldn't careless less.
It was just me trying to put some kind of medical label on him. To help me better understand him. It's sad to see someone with an untapped talent, just stagnating....
I was hoping someone on this board would know things psychologically. My friend says that Modern day psychology hasn't even had it's Kant. He's possibly quoting someone, but,
I take that as meaning that Modern psychology is still in its primitive state.
He says that he can write volumes on this,.... but he never does.....
Thanks mememe.
and hey, I heard some of your music, a couple of songs, they were nice. I would like to hear more.
(Info request)
20  General Discussion / Fan Forums / Re: Question about a certain condition on: January 22, 2010, 08:24:33 AM
Well, I probably shouldn't have brought him up, but, Hurricane Katrina took all of his tapes, and also his million dollar novel! But of course its his word against them! and WHO ARE THEY! ....
No, he's just a burn-out now. Like so many others who have 'Lost Hope!". or almost lost it!
But I think there's still hope in him..... still maybe a breath of life..... I'm working on it!
21  General Discussion / Fan Forums / Question about a certain condition on: January 21, 2010, 03:24:55 AM
I'm curious, as to what you would call that condition, of compulsively recording yourself. I guess it would depend on what ones reason was for recording in the first place, but I have this friend, that compulsively records himself. He just jumps around from idea to idea to idea. And when asked why he does so,  his reply is, "Because that's just what I'm doing, is capturing my ideas, so I can later write a song."
Which sounds fine and dandy to me. But he never listens to his tapes, and he never writes his songs. He had three garbage bags full of taped recordings of himself playing an acoustic guitar and singing. I guess you would call that a serious one-tracked mindedness, but also a lazy-ass. He reminds me of Daniels music. but at a much more beginners level than compared to Daniel. But he definately Taps Into The Source. Like Daniel does, but he never does anything with his ideas. So imagine Daniel Johnston, if he never really learned good song structure, but he was recording himself compulsively singing chopped up, verses and what would make good chorus'. How would one describe that psychologically? Can someone help me on this?

Oh yea, and I think Daniel Johnston is truly the greatest singer songwriter since Robert Johnson.  And that was what sixty years ago?
Almost like some freak of nature or something. And the only reason I say, 'freak of nature' is because, Where's the rest of them at? Why are there not  more people like those two individuals who write songs capturing their spirit like that? Bringing their spirit, their personality into the physical reality in the form of a song
22  General Discussion / Fan Forums / Re: Poem By a Fan About a Poet on: January 20, 2010, 08:28:05 AM
    ....You know, it's one thing, to do something great once,
 or maybe even two or three times,
but to keep doing it over and over and over again,       Now That's Beauty

Theres so much difference between his music of mood, meaning, and flow, and the vast

mountain of mediocrity,
 makes ya wonder about the mindset of the mountain

 He's like the living embodiment of some frequency that started,
 like seed from idea, some say he's pretty smart,
  There's a whole lot of earth in his heaped-up loops,
  and where there's so much chaos, there's so much truth,
  I stand in awe of the waver of his bravery
 and his discovery of music.

23  General Discussion / Fan Forums / question about radio broadcast on: January 17, 2010, 09:13:41 AM
This isn't that important of a question, but I can't quit thinking about it.
That radio broadcast that Daniel did, which was Greatness! in all respect... I'm curious. Did he call the radio station from the mental hospital, or from his parents bedroom? I've read both. It makes more sense to me that it would have been from his parents bedroom. But never-the-less, which was it. My brain can't deal with mysteries. In my universe, there are none......  Daniel is an enigma as it is. Can someone answer my question.
Lots of love and thanks,
24  General Discussion / Fan Forums / Poem By a Fan About a Poet on: January 15, 2010, 09:04:46 AM
When someone sings &
then he brings
so much more
without less,

full of happy blues and tunes
got the music from the moon.

He's a lyrical space-cadet, flying way up above,
living on a clouds mountain, singing History Of Our Love,
Lost from a broken heart and Found,
King Kong Individual
with his Own Sound

He's the master of tuneful puppets
with his emotions hanging from strings,
and into this world he brings
sounds of his melody

moon music tuned to the gravity.
....At Daniel Johnston Avenue turn left

25  General Discussion / Album Chat / A salute on: January 13, 2010, 11:47:03 AM
     I keep listening to Daniel's songs, and I find myself asking me, "What is it that is so special about them?" Is it their particular flow, mixed with his verbal pitch and flow, What Is It that he is doing that makes these songs so incredibly Intense?! And the lyrics!!!!!!!!
I have only came to one conclusion. And that is that he is Tapping directly Into The Source! What-ever that Source is, he is tapping into it, and it is so beautiful. Its like he is
The Artist, incarnate!
I'm going to figure out a way to draw that.
26  General Discussion / Fan Forums / Re: How I got into Daniel on: January 12, 2010, 11:05:15 AM
Hey. Thanks for the Half Japanese suggestion.
I just listened to Bone Head. Really diggable music. There is something that is in music like that and Daniel Johnston's music does it to me too, and that is inspire me! Makes me want to get a portastudio, and breathe My winds!!! Love it! Thanks!
27  General Discussion / Fan Forums / Re: The Daniel Johnston Hour on: January 12, 2010, 10:28:34 AM
Just listened to the radio broadcast! Jesus! The more I dig into this Daniel Johnston Phenomenon, the more engulfed I get. What an awesome performance. Reminds me of something that I can't put my finger on. In fact, so much of what he does has that quality. Sometimes I feel like I have dreamed some of his layers before.
38 minutes into the broadcast, Daniel says, something like, (speaking to Maria on phone,) "Isn't it kind of weird how I guessed your name?" What is that all about? How Did He know her name?
28  General Discussion / Fan Forums / How I got into Daniel on: January 10, 2010, 10:28:28 AM
This is an old topic that I am answering. I devote a certain amount of hours every day for reading these boards and learning about Daniel. I am mesmerized by this guy, in which it is an obsession. Of course it is a very healthy one at that. When I was 19 I heard Abbey Road the first time. I only listened to Punk rock before that. Abbey Road gives me a heavenly feeling inside like no other, until Daniel Johnston. He is truly an icon of musical stature.
I was going through a movie-watching stage, which I do sometimes, and on NETFLIX I discovered Daniel.
My Real Interest didn't happen while watching the movie. It just caught my attention of him. The next day I started doing musical searches.... The rest is, you know.....  
It has been about a month now.
Wow, I almost feel like a different person, on some kind of evolutionary scale or something,
 Ha!....... Jokes.
I have no idea how to put a picture on here, I would show you guys my new tattoo. Its the Frog, with a row of teeth.
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