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61  General Discussion / Fan Forums / lyrics on: July 04, 2007, 10:07:59 AM
does anyone know if you can submit lyrics to the lyrics section of the site, there are many missing and many that are incorrect. I'd love to help clean it up. smiley
62  General Discussion / mp3 Of The Week Requests HERE / I Did Acid With Caroline on: June 17, 2007, 12:27:41 AM
Hello, please choose this one grin

63  General Discussion / Album Chat / Re: Lost & Found Reviews on: June 04, 2007, 04:49:02 AM
so... any news on a US release yet?
64  General Discussion / Fan Forums / Hi, How Are You Question (Mabel Yelling) on: May 19, 2007, 01:34:47 AM
I searched, nothing came up.
On the audio commentary for the devil and daniel johnston Jeff Feuerzeig said that Daniel put his mom yelling at him inbetween songs on Hi, how are you. Also, in the liner notes of Discovered Covered, Everett True wrote that Mabel yelled at Daniel in the backround of Hi How Are You. I can't hear any yelling. Can someone clear this up for me?
65  General Discussion / Fan Forums / Re: MTV Live on: May 17, 2007, 03:12:59 AM
"Hold on, Mama..." cry

I don't know about you guys, but his new songs (Mask, Mean Girls, and now Sense of Humor) to me show just how great Daniel is. His songwriting is just as fruitful as it was in 82. If he put out a new album with these songs - solo/acoustic- it would be the the most heart-wrenching record made in the last ten years.
66  General Discussion / Website Forum / Re: New "Don't Be Scared" Album Art - we want your thoughts! on: May 14, 2007, 03:24:29 AM
 shocked GREAT!!! If it is used it will be the perfect companion to the Dualtone release of
The Early Recordings Vol.1. In fact it looks like it was made just for that  huh

I say use it! grin

umm... will those two second pauses be eliminated?
67  General Discussion / Fan Forums / Re: Completing My Daniel CD Collection.Suggestions? on: May 12, 2007, 10:34:37 PM
since you have "songs of pain" i'm thinking you also have "more songs of pain"
but if not pick up that one.

next i would say Retired Boxer/Respect smiley
68  General Discussion / News Talk / Re: Daniel Johnston Live in Chicago Fan Review on: May 11, 2007, 09:31:48 PM
speaking of the songs he played, does anyone know where to get that song "mean girls give pleasure"?

I never heard that song before and I was floored by it.
69  General Discussion / News Talk / Re: Daniel Johnston Live in Chicago Fan Review on: May 11, 2007, 06:18:22 PM
i'm rich. cool
70  General Discussion / News Talk / Re: Fan Review: 05-10-07 Chicago LakeShore Theatre Gig on: May 11, 2007, 02:42:40 PM
lol wink
i grabbed the cap from his water bottle that he dropped on stage!
and yes I was very pleased when he played mask, great great song (it should be on an album)

i went to the show from Madison WI (my brother, my best friend,and myself), stood in line for about two and a half hours, we were FRONT AND CENTER! i got some wicked pics
we even made some new friends in line.
it was the best trip ive ever taken.
71  General Discussion / News Talk / Re: daniels concert in chicago on: May 11, 2007, 02:31:14 PM
Hey, I was at the show in Chicago and it was amazing! grin
he played funeral home,mask,love not dead,life in vain,rock this town,rocknroll/ega,true love will find you...,and a handful of others which i can't recall.
then the encore was the sing-a-long devil town.
the band he played with (sharks and seals) were pretty good too
p.s. i love daniel
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