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Title: The April 17th show at TT the Bear's
Post by: Syrupoftears on April 23, 2004, 06:53:17 PM
I am very happy to say that I attended my first Daniel Johnston show at TT the Bear's in Cambridge Mass.  I cannot begin to explain what level of intensity I had reached, after having to sit through three opening acts (all of which kicked ass also.. the best being Scout Niblett)  I managed to tape the show if anyone is interested in hearing it contact me.

the set list:

Wishing Well
Joy Without Pleasure
Frito Lay
Casper the Friendly Ghost
Kool Aid/Funeral Home

Love Enchanted
THE HAUNT (a brand new song, as of yet unreleased)
True Love Will Find You In The End

I also got to talk to Daniel outside the show and explain how i had traveled down from Maine and gave him a cd of my band Dr Bluepen and His Wandering What?!   I was so ecstatic just to be in his presence.  The show was beautiful and even though he seemed addled and pre-occupied (hecklers almost drove me to severe violence, and not to mention the ****ed up sound person who wouldnt even help daniel)  I can now finally pass on.... ( i have completely lived)[/b]