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Title: 1983 Lost Recordings Volume 2
Post by: kralenpregn on July 03, 2010, 08:39:29 AM
Hey folks, I don't mean to rehash the same ole' comments that I utter, but I speak it as it comes to me.
I was basically at the point where my mind couldn't be blown any further. I honestly figured, "Hey! This is the peak of all this right here!" I've been listening to about 200 Daniel Johnston Tunes, a day, usually twice, some songs, seven or eight times, daily,....... my point is, I have been feeling with heartfelt certainty, that my little ole' mind could not be blown too much further. I mean, 200 songs !!! ON MY TOP TEN FAVORITES, PLAYLIST !!!..................
But I have been listening to 1983 Lost Recordings Volume 2.
And it is different than most of my other favorites.........Not sure why;
Well, enough rambling,
This album is so incredible, I'm at a loss of words......
There's something different about this album.........
There IS something magical about it !!!!!!!!
I've never been starstruck before. Not even as a youngster, but I am starstruck over Daniel Johnston !!!