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The fun and useful things you find on this web site are provided by FANS. If you have news, information, photos, videos, mp3s, covers, mp3s of covers, lyrics, chords, or whatever, please send your emails to:

Questions / Trivia about Daniel

The best place to get fast answers about Daniel, his music, art, lyrics, “what song is in the closing credits of the movie”, etc. is to check the FAN FORUM. The FORUM is a message board for fans world-wide maintained by fans world-wide. Many of them are very knowledgeable, and many have nothing better to do than to figure out the chords and lyrics to a song for you or explain to you WHY about whatever. Otherwise, you are welcome to email dejected with your questions:

Daniel Johnston


Believe it or not, Daniel doesn't have access to a computer, the internet, or email. However, any email that you send to Daniel WILL BE PRINTED OUT and hand delivered to him - usually once a week. He appreciates hearing from you, so don't hesitate to write.


Daniel lives next door to his parents in Waller, Texas. For those of you who want to write, he has a P.O. Box.

If you choose to use this address, please be advised that while Daniel gets this mail directly and that he appreciates it and enjoys this mail, he is notorious for NEVER responding to mail or following up in any way. If you email or write us about things you sent to this P.O. box, we won't be able to confirm that he got it or get a "response" from him for you.:

Daniel Johnston
P.O. Box 583
Waller, Texas 77484


For access to the PRESS web pages of, simply send an email with your credentials to this email address, and you will be given access.

PRESS inquiries from the U.K. can also contact Ella Swain for the July 2008 tour.

For other information, other photos, or digital copies of other art, or to arrange an interview, members of the press can use the following email or contact Daniel's brother (below).

To license Daniels music including:

- license music in film, audio
- license covers of Daniel's music
- to obtain waivers or other permissions

Booking or other inquiries:


Christian Bernhardt
The Agency Group
1880 Century Park East, suite 711
Los Angeles, CA, 90067
tel: 310-385-2800


Jules de Lattre
The Agency Group
361-373 City Road
Islington, London EC1V 1PQ
tel: +44 207 278 3331 ext 6142

or Dick Johnston (see below)

FOR ALL OTHER BOOKING INQUIRIES (international or Texas):

Contact Daniel's brother, Dick Johnston (see below)

For all other inquiries

use of photos, art or music
live appearances
sync licenses, copyright inquiries
general questions

Contact Daniel's brother, Dick Johnston

Dick Johnston
6117 Magnolia
Katy, Texas 77493

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For problems, questions, or suggestions for this web site.

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