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  Are you a Daniel Johnston fan? Why not drop Daniel a personal note. Each month we'll feature some of the most interesting fan mail right here, along with responses from Daniel himself. Send your fan mail today!

FEATURED FAN MAIL - updated 2006-January


I have to tell you how much I like your music. I first heard Yo La Tengo covering "Speeding Motorcycle" quite a few years ago. When I heard it, I was immediately taken by the perceptiveness and emotion of your lyrics and the beauty of the melody. It is truly one of the great love songs (poems) and compares well to some of the great love poetry in the English language. Since hearing that song, I have gotten my hands on both your drawings and music as much as I can. My friends and family have come to like and appreciate your work as well. I like to think that it is due to my unrelenting evangelizing about your work, but I know it is because you are good. I am a true fan and wish you well.



Daniel hi how are you,

I love your music, some of the most honest songs I've heard. A friend of mine just turned me on to you last year, and I immediately ran out and purchased your songs of pain and more songs of pain CD. I live in Vancouver and I hope you could make it up here to Canada soon, I'm sure there are many others that share that same wish. I am also a musician, and your life has proved to me that you don't have to sound like everyone else to be successful, you just have to be honest and driven.

thank you so much for your great music, Dave



I live in Nashville, TN and have been a fan for years. I give thanks to Kurt Cobain for introducing your heartfelt music to me. The past year has been full of struggles such as a divorce, mother in bad health, and my own personal demons. Your music has helped me make it through hard times. Thank You! It's amazing how relating to someone's pain whom you don't know can make a difference in your own pain. I hope your life is better now, I'm working on mine and feel that I'll be ok......

Thanks for your time and music.



Dear Daniel J

My friend gave me one of your CD's a year or so ago and it has been one of my favorites ever since.  I am a songwriter too and I have been playing shows around my hometown for a while now.  I have so much respect for you because you have been doing what you love for so many years and making a living off it and have been so successful with it, and this gives me hope that maybe I will be able to do this for the rest of my life too.  Have a SPECTACULAR LIFE!!!,

Sincerely, Nick B.


Happy Birthday!

Your music has made me feel a thousand different feelings, from anxiety and agony, to very ecstasy.
You have filled my life with joy and for that I wish you a very Happy Birthday!

You are a genius. Hope you have a great year!


hay bro

great shit.

i listend to youre stuff in my studio a few years ago when my only freinds were my records.  lately i have found myself in the same lonely posion again. and 'more songs of pain' has been a great companion.

cheers bro


hello Daniel.

I'm writing from England-London to be precise. I was recently introduced to your music via a personal friend called Graham. I was becoming bored with my velvet underground and david bowie records and so he lent me some new ones- they included jeffrey lewis and yourself. i then bought the new one 'fear yourself' and thought it amazing, beautiful, honest, all those familiar adjectives. you have inspired my songwriting in that i want to make it more honest without feeling embarrassed or awkward about it.



I've been listening to your music since the early '90's.

I think I own every one of the white cassette tapes that you released back then. I still think there the most amazing stuff you done.

I remember the first time I saw you was at CBGB's before a Butthole Surfer's show. You were actually playing your guitar in the audience while a warm up band was howling away. Then, to my great surprise you got up on stage and played two songs!

The place went wild and I've been hooked ever since.

Oddly, I bumped into you the very next day on Canal street and we chatted a bit.

Please let me know if the music from the white tapes era is available on CD.

Thanks for the great body of work


Hi Daniel,

  I just wanted to tell you thanks for the great music.  I recently started listening to  your music, my friend got me the Songs of Pain for Christmas and I  love them.  I had heard

"Come See Me Tonight" on My So-Called Life and I liked it so much.  I am an English major and trying to figure out what the hell I want to do with my life, and your music has really helped me.  I identify so closely with your honesty and am so happy that someone like you exists.  it gives me much hope.



daniel johnston.

Caught in all the swirling madness of the world, i began searching for the path. Your music helps me remember that i am already walking it; i've always been. There are few souls like yours and mine, and i should like to meet you some time, if you were ever in San Bernardino, CA.

yours in light,


hi DANIEL.... i cant speak english..but i'll try... when i see BEFORE SUNRISE.... i think that is the moust beautifull movie.....and the last song.... LIVING LIFE..... is simple an artistic and humanistic  perfection..... i cant to find the tabs or the words in NET...... since 1998 when i saw the movie id liked play your song......... i cant find KATHY  McCARTHY........ help me please......... an sorry about my English wrong. i needed  try


Dear Daniel,

I'm just writing to tell you that you write really beautiful songs.  There is an emotional element in your music that captures brilliant honesty and thought.  You and John Lennon are the only people, in my view, to truly attain that emotional purity.

Your unknown friend,
Christopher D




I'm a 27-year-old graduate student who happens to have a disability, a spinal cord injury to be specific. I honestly find your songs to be a source of comfort when i get pained by things related to life in a wheelchair. Whenever my life gets to be sad, complicated and overwhelming, i can listen to your music and know that it's ok, because other people like you feel the same sometimes. you know things i know, i think--things i wish everybody understood too. keep on truckin, Daniel. oh, and come to Iowa City sometime to play at Gabe's Oasis or The Green Room, the people here need it.

Tucker C


just wanted to thank you for coming all the way to Japan & putting on a great show. you're my favorite songwriter.  You are peerless.  please come back. 

Love, Mayumi


As a teenager, I sat by myself all day with my tape recorder making songs that  I thought were worthless and weird.  But Now I make tapes and let people hear them.  Sometimes they get it.  It's a good feeling.  Thank you Music and your friend Daniel.
Josh Y.
West Virginia


Hi Daniel
Unfortunately I only had the chance to know your music in the latest album "Fear Yourself". And let me say, that I'm going to do all efforts in my disposal to get all the old records of you.
This record it's simply fantastic. I loved it.
Luís B
Lisboa, Portugal



Dear Dan,

I am one of your newer fans. I heard your new album and it made me feel awesome. Please keep making great music. I also love your artwork.

I hope you end up reading this. Peace to you.

Jonah G



I am a professional artist and have followed your writing and life for several years. I find your writing wonderfully visual. One verse that particularly sticks in my head is from an old cassette of yours that I have. the line is ...."The sun is shining brightly, and the birds are singing pretty. What's the matter with me?"....brilliant. That is perhaps one of the most honest and enlightened sentences I have ever heard. Anyway, I will not pine on about you, as JD Salinger said, "Don't tell me I am a good writer."

Danny D


Dear Dan and Jad,

You two are my favorites and this is true
Your songs are lovely and sometimes blue
They are full of joy
They are full of sad
They make me feel better
When I feel bad
They make me believe
I can do what I want
That creativity
Is a bubbling font
So thank you again
You've really changed my life
Your songs are true love
A celebration of life


David W

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