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Signed Art Book and discount with Art Purchase

 Daniel is offering a SIGNED copy of his new table-top art book from Rizzoli Pulbication for the price of an unsigned copy AND a 20% discount on art purchased when you buy the ART BOOK along with original ART.


This offer DOES NOT APPLY to art under the "ART BOOK" category.  Art purchased in that category is not subject to the 20% discount, and a signed art book comes free with any art purchase that is in the ART BOOK.   If you want to buy ART BOOK art, and already have a signed copy of the book, let us know and we'll credit you $45 for the cost of the book when you purchase art from that group.


To get the SIGNED COPY for the unsigned price, and to get a 20% discount on the purchase of all original art:


- Add the SIGNED ART BOOK to your shopping cart

- Add one or more ORIGINAL ART pieces to your shopping cart


The SIGN ART BOOK will be discounted to the regular unsigned book price and a 20% discount will be applied to art purchased in the same order as the art book.


If you have any problems or questions, please contact

Updated: 11-17-2010