• Normcore - True Love Will Find You In The End

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  • The Devil's Cycle Documentary

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  • True Love Will Find You In The End

    Glasgow - The Glad Community Choir

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  • Do you struggle with depression

    CHECK THE LINK Smoky Mountain Songbird Dolly Parton Still Going Strong You might remember her as the woman with the cute dimples, bubbly smile and effervescent personality. At 71, Dolly is still active in the field of music with her latest album, 'Pure and Simple,' released in 2016. Music was always part of the singer's life coming from a musical family. A prolific songwriter, Parton said she has probably written 5,000 songs in her life. She started performing in public at the age of 6. Her musical accomplishments include 43 solo albums and 25 number one hit songs.
    A life of success and sophistication is what people see in celebrity singers. But, behind the glitter is another facet of Parton's life. What people don't know is that Dolly suffered from acute depression in the 1980s. Parton even contemplated suicide. For many years, the country singer battled with depression and melancholy. She believed that a huge part of her depression was due to menopause and the remorse of not having kids (Dolly underwent partial hysterectomy in 1984). Depression also runs in her family according to the singer. Fortunately, she got over the condition with the help of her husband and friends. More information about depression in your later years can be found in this article.

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  • Brett Hartenback, Daniel Johnston's personal guitarist, passes from this life

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