• New Website!

    Daniel and family have been hard at work putting together a new website for Daniel and his fans!

    Home Page Screen Shot - 2012

    Two of Daniel's own nephews put together the design and programming and are continuing to work out some exciting new features!

    We only have some of the basic pieces in place, but we have so many plans ahead including: - A new custom messageboard! - A new online store! - A completely redesigned and reworked Official Fan Site! - More updates from sources like Twitter, Instagram and Facebook when Daniel is out on the road! - More ways to contibute and connect to other fans! - More frequent email updates about tours and events for those that want it!

    We're excited about the new design. Let us know what you think!

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Rasmus Hasager
Love it here! Might hang around for a couple of hours a day. Rasmus, Denmark
Klaus Bendix
Beautiful :)
Lauren Beck
So cute!
andrew swenson
love the new website. thank you for the music.
Will Stenner
This is awesome Daniel.
Lamar Huffstutler
God bless you Daniel, I have always been a fan of everything you do!
request websitete!
Awesome, nice work!
Hey, guys! Lemme know if there's anything I can do to help, whether it be through providing copies of press articles, links to online stuff I've run across, or whatever sort of this 'n' that you're seeking to assemble. Also: take note that the Soundcloud website I listed at left includes audio files for a number of tunes involving Daniel, either as a member of the JLA (Johnston/Lieck/Azarian) or in other capacities. -- NDJ aka KWL aka MNW aka ETC.
Julie Zeithaml
I've ordered many items from the store and I receive them very quickly. And I always get a free sticker!

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