Daniel, you are better then that. Selling your songs to a deodorant commercial. Disappointing.
How to ruin a truly great song with a very tasteless commercial.
It was nice to hear your song on the TV in the Axe commercial. This means that 10s of millions or more will hear your beautiful song. I think that your songs deserve to be heard by everyone!
I agree with Sergei. I was soooo happy to hear one of Daniel's songs in a commercial. Even if the commercial was pretty stupid. Now a few more people know who Daniel Johnston is and I think that's pretty neat X3
Great hearing Dan's music on mainstream television...
Yeah the commercial was really dumb and sexist, but it's not like Daniel had anything to do with that. They just used his song. They're going to use music in commercials anyway, why shouldn't they use good music?
Chill out people. Even if it the commercial isn't great the song always is. I'm glad that more people get the chance to hear Daniels songs and hopefully he was well paid for it.
Exactly what Charlie said... I am happy that Daniel got paid (yay!!!) and I am thrilled to think of all the people who will be exposed to Daniel's music who may otherwise never have heard it.
I'd have to disagree with the sentiment that it's good to have this song in this advert so that 'more people get to hear his music'. Sure, it's great that Daniel is getting more appreciation. However, most people who see this advert will probably think 'oh that's a good song' and then never think about it again, thus making that argument pretty much null and void in terms of creating a wider audience for his music. Even worse than that is the fact that this advert is sexist and (unsurprisingly considering it comes from Axe) absolute rubbish. If the first thing that women see is hair, does this advert mean to suggest the first thing men see is breasts? I thought we were making progress to move past such ridiculous misogynistic objectifications of women. And men, for that matter. I don't know how involved Daniel was with selling his song for this advert. Probably not at all, so it's not necessarily a negative reflection on him or his music. Doesn't reduce the annoyance at something like this, and people should hardly be supporting it as something 'good'.
Fuck you daniel! This is bullshit! Whatever!
Sorry! If I was Daniel I would say yes too.
Don't listen to the negative comments, Daniel! This could have been any advertiser as far as I'm concerned, and I'm glad more people got to hear your music! I know I look for songs that I hear in commercials if I like them, regardless of the commercial! Also, I'm glad you got paid!! That is awesome and you deserve it! Great job :)
Nothing is sacred.
Rob B.
From a fellow artist and musician: Good for you Daniel! The purists love to keep other people's gifts for themselves, which in my opinion is selfish and greedy. As an artist and musician, the way I make income is by being paid for my talents. This way, I can continue to survive. So... Keep up the good work Brother!
reminds me of that video footage where unkown Daniel tell the camera men "Ask me something!" and when the guy asks Daniels answers and instantly plugs "This is my tape with my songs"... he was never an elitist hipster... also True Love along with Story Of An Artist are really overused anyway... there's plenty of material even for the purists to listen and be able to feel "special"
Well I think it's a good thing. We can't keep all the good music to ourselves, that would just be selfish and unhumanly

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