sandra sprinkles
hi how are you daniel johnston i watched you tell your story today, infact this day 17th Feburary 2012. what an awesome true story and artist/musician you are. you truly are an angel, and if it takes art or music for you to fight your demons or evil, you go right on and do that. I personally relate to the medical condition bipolar disorders are in my family to. It is a terrible thing to see a love one to have to go through or battle such an illness, but never the less their are people like you, who can take an condition and make it work for the greater good in and for your life, and i just want you to know that i cried my eye's out as i watched your life story , the part were you and your father had crashed his plane and the church of christ sign reading; i promise you a safe landing, if that does not tell you, that jesus is with you. I don't know what could, the art and the music is the best i have ever heard and seen. I truly hope you get this comment from me. my name is sandra sprinkles and i live in a very small town in east prairie,mo. if you ever come through mo. or close to my town i would love to invite you to my home, i would love to meet you in person, but I'am limited on my funds right now because I'am going to college to better my life. Just want you to know you are a hero and an angel, so keep doing what you are doing, and never let nothing stand in your way. Keep on lovin laura if that is what makes you happy, i wished she had been your girl, but i can truly say this, some times in our life it takes someone else to help us to carry on in life. and that is what i will do here, i will let your true art and music and your story to help me carry on with my life. where can folks buy your t-shirts at, i would love to purchase one that has the hi how are you. on it. I wish u the best that life can and will give you. that was the best story i have ever seen. you take care now, your friend sandra sprinkles. sandra sprinkles at 403 tyler street east prairie,mo. 63845 "your the best in our time"

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