Loved the bio...lots of luck ...your parents love you much. Hang in there, this is hell on earth. The devil has ahold of us all on earth, that's how goveremt & religion controls. We have to behave & be controlled as a society. Your not alone in the fears placed on us as a society.
Building walls we never do cease to hide behind and protect our needs. Looking at you looking at me we can break down the walls and allow you into me ... :)
Soory, I'm an old head, 48, computer & iPhone illiterate. I have also a lot of creative abilities, unlike you, I have only been able to have the gift of having those abilities passed down to my twin sons. I was rapped, raised a catholic, took on Christianity, Nothing, no religion, no goverement control, no doctor, could take away what was a part of me. I have raised 2 wonderful sons alone. I'm financially stable & my sons will & have now my backing. I respect your patents for their support.
OMG!!! My sons would love to see u in Amsertdam, they will be 22 on the 14th....they have wanted to go there since their teen years :) Ya wonder why...phhtttt ! Anyway, just looked at ur bookings.
Ralph Hornsby
It would be way cool if Daniel wrote a song about Ron Paul.
I just saw the starz movie "The Devil and Daniel Johnson ". Its was cool to see and learn about how he is overcoming his mental health with his musics and drawings . I have never heard of him before and i live in Texas for last 40 yrs. I personally think that his songs and how he sing is pretty bad and i don't get it. How could anyone think different , except if you were high on drugs . I felt that he was only being used because of his mental health problem and that people felt sorry for him. I am glad that he can take care of himself , but the double standard in the music business sucks. Also , all the people who are making money from this , sucks too.
Patrick Cooney
Great comment Mark. I too just saw the movie. I didn't see anything in this movie to explain how or why he became famous. He does not sing well, and his lyrics are indicative of someone either on drugs or suffering from mental health. I too had never heard of him before this movie. I hope to remain blissfully ignorant of that portion of this world which believes this man is a genius.

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