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Author Topic: Got Iconoclast ?  (Read 4478 times)
TOR Hershman
« on: December 31, 2005, 01:42:24 AM »

Since the returning of the

, from its northern climb, is what all the
hoopla holidays, in late December, actually celebrate let's take a moment from
our joyous festivities to remember the
True Meaning Of This Time Of Year.

And what better way to do that than to have a listen to
 Hollow Day Favorites

Just by clickin' you'll get
"The Little Bummer Boy"

And the song most hated, in general, by
Satanists and Christians
(Muslims and Jews ain't thrilled by it, either)
"Jesus Is A Fraud"

The song most despised by Atheists
"Dine On A Beagle


"Amen, The Facts"

"Jesus Christ, The Facts"

"I'm Proud To Be In The Universe,"
(a.k.a. "Zeus Bless The U. S. A.)

"Mr. Rogers Cemetery"


Little Dougie's reading of that time honored classic
"This Land Has A Little Scam"
not to mention
TOR & The TorTones hauntingly ethereal planetary ode
"Our Anthem Of The Earth."

But wait, there's more!

If you click now, or later (perhaps), you'll also get
that most beloved favorite of the mighty subcontinent India
"Krispy Krishna."
(a.k.a. "George Harrison")
And that's not all!

For those of you whom any thought, above the crouch, is over your head (as TOR
is at times), there's
"Bikini Meanie"
"Sing Like A Ruptured Munchkin "
"The Facts Of Farts"
"Fart O Ass."

Not to mention “XX CS” for the sincerely adventurous
avant garde devotee.   

 shocked http://www.soundlift.com/TOR  shocked

But hold on!

If you click within the next time period, before human DNA is replaced,
you'll also receive, as our free gift to you,
Homeland For The Hollow Days

You'll get

"Jesus Christ IS The AntiChrist"

"Hey! Hey! We're The Humans"

"The End Of Endings"
(a.k.a. "The Real Abbey Road In The End”)

"Rash Limp Pa"
(a.k.a. "Yankee Do Drugs")

And the nondenominational anthem
"Chanting The Name Of The Turd"
(a.k.a. "Chanting The Name of Old TOR"


But there's still more!

If you click within the next without's within, without hesitation, you can also
have TOR's songs that are EVEN (or odd) SAFE to play in a U. S. of A.'snewsroom, featuring TOR's hilarious

"I Crank Called."


And of course with each and every web site comes
TOR's eternally finite
(& original Mp3.com parody chart topper)
"The Lion Farts Tonight."

Soooooo, brighten-up your forced goodwill and drug conjured happiness
with a lotta little jocular jewels from TOR's brain to you and yours.


Stay on Groovin' Safari,
 shocked TOR Hershman  shocked

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