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Author Topic: Mothman  (Read 3544 times)
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« on: July 06, 2007, 04:14:24 PM »

Interesting connections...(taken from eBay description of book and film)
Anyone else know about this?

Was Daniel Johnston Influenced by Cosmic Superhero Mothman?

-by Ogden Pearl, WENR

One of the first people Daniel Johnston met after escaping from a circus outside of Austin in 1985 was fellow Appalachian mystic, Andy Colvin. The two discovered they were both the youngest, seemingly brightest (or at least most unusual) children of fundamentalist Christian families from West Virginia, and took it from there. At the time, Colvin was in a band, Ed Hall, that was rising in the Austin scene. Daniel was a fixture at Andy's early shows with Ed Hall, along with other well-known figures like the Butthole Surfers, Scratch Acid, the Seemen, artist Frank Kozik, and director Richard Linklater.

Colvin and Johnston first met at the McDonald's on the UT campus, where Johnston worked. According to the story, the two walked to the art building, where Colvin was a graduate student in photography, along with Ron English (who later collaborated with Daniel also). Along the way, Colvin showed Johnston a special spot in the creek where he had done some performance-art "rituals" and interviewed people with his new gadget: the 8mm video camcorder. This was the exact spot where Daniel Johnston was found a few months later, tripping on acid and asking for a "baptism" to drive out the demons in the area. Subsequent interviews with Daniel have him describing a "supernatural" experience where he saw the vampiric "mind-control programming" enslaving everyone around him. It was as if Daniel had finally met the "eyeball bat" that his art had been reflecting for so many years. At that time, no one knew that the eyeball bat was identical to the ancient symbolism of creativity-inducing birdmen like the Garuda, Thunderbird, Thoth, Horus, Piasa, Roc, and--seemingly--Mothman.

What has never been revealed before is that Colvin took an acid trip that night as well. While Colvin describes it as "12-hours of hell" that he simply had to endure by shutting out everything around him, he never described it as "supernatural." Strangely however, Colvin quickly went into a personal tailspin that ended up with him being unfairly (according to the Austin Chronicle) marginalized from the Austin music scene. Coincidentally, Colvin's fall happened at the same time Johnston had to go into temporary musical retirement. While Johnston was able to pull it back together musically, Colvin was never able to maintain more than a small cult following for his paranormal songs. Colvin's first album Charlie Manson Street, named so because Colvin and Manson grew up on the same street, was virtually blacklisted in Austin due to opposition from Ed Hall, who wanted to change the scary...and political lyrics of songs they had co-written with Colvin. While Colvin's 1990's Seattle band, I.V. League, had a CD release that garnered a bit of notice in Hollywood, it was considered to be too "far-out" for commercial audiences...

Finally, here in 2006, we begin to see that there are many parallels between the fates of Daniel Johnston and his rejected Mothman twin, Andy Colvin. Many of these parallels can be seen in The Mothman's Photographer, a 32-hr. "paranormal news series" recently produced by Colvin, who happened to be a childhood Mothman witness. Andy and his interviewees bare their collective soul in this fascinating study of a community torn apart and creatively reassembled by either the paranormal, or by the national security state (you be the judge). Whatever you decide, there is plenty of evidence here that the Eyeball Bat of Daniel Johnston is also the Mothman of Andy Colvin. Colvin's series has the same homemade quality and genius as Daniel's early cassettes. A few of Colvin's early musical cuts are included on the bonus audio CD that comes with The Mothman's Photographer series. It seems that Daniel wasn't the only one who met the devil in Austin in 1986. Even though Daniel doesn't appear in this series, it is still valuable for helping describe the forces, both good and bad, behind Daniel's genius.

For more info, go to eBay and search: "Mothman Photograph Book DANIEL JOHNSTON"

"Although there's a darkness, love balances chaos."-HL
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