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1  General Discussion / Album Chat / Re: "Hi, How Are You" info on: November 15, 2005, 12:16:38 AM
Hope that helps.
It certainly does.  This is exactly the sort of information I was searching for.  Thank you both very much once again for your help.
2  General Discussion / Album Chat / Re: "Hi, How Are You" info on: November 12, 2005, 03:04:23 PM
Unfortunately I don't know much about my particular cassette's history, so I can't say that I have any evidence that the cassette itself and the case are mismatched.  Like you said, perhaps Mr. Tartakov could shed further light on this mystery.

For some reason I never obtained a background on the cassette from the guy I got it from. If I'm not mistaken he was from Texas, which, if I remember correctly, means the cassette never made it very far from its origin.

As for "market value," I'm not sure what I would quote this item at, but nor am I interested in its monetary value - my inquiries are purely for my own records as well as to find out how "special" this item is, rather than how much it's worth.  I'm certain I got a hell of a deal though - I bought it for only $10.  Market value can be a very difficult thing to determine anymore, especially with the popularity of eBay, which has inflated many item's assumed "market value" due to highly competitive bidding.  If someone can get away with selling something for $100 you can bet the next guy will be asking for $110 & so on.  Thus I usually just tell people "it's worth whatever you can get for it."

Thank you very much for the information.  It is very much appreciated.  Hopefully Mr. Tartakov can provide a further explanation of the tape/case discrepancies & provide a more exact date of its creation.
3  General Discussion / Album Chat / "Hi, How Are You" info on: November 09, 2005, 06:02:24 PM
Hi.  First posts are always kind of awkward, especially when you start the thread yourself, so I'll just get right to the point...

I'm a record collector looking for information about Daniel Johnston's "Hi, How Are You" album.  The copy I have (pictured below) is (supposably) from an original homemade batch made in 1983.  I'm specifically interested in information regarding the rarity of this cassette (i.e. how many of these were originally made, how common, if at all, they are to come by today) and/or any other interesting informtion I can store with this item.  Also, I would like a few "educated" second opinions to verify that my copy is indeed a 1983 original.  Thanks in advance!

I have editted the scan of the insert to cover an address & phone number.
I'm quite impressed with this website and the wealth of information here.  It's nice to see such a dedicated following for such a great artist.  Thanks again for any information you can offer!
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