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31  General Discussion / Fan Forums / Under That Apple Tree on: October 26, 2003, 09:00:15 PM
... Oh, yeah. It's most certainly copyrighted... it's "Apple Suckling Tree" from Dylan's Basement Tapes. No Daniel involvement at all (needless to say, since he would have been about 4 years old when the song was recorded!).

But thanks for everything else! A fantastic start - and it's really nice to know I'm not the only person on earth who seemingly never gets his (or her) fill of Daniel's music... THANKS DEJECTED smiley!!!

32  General Discussion / Fan Forums / Help with MP3s on: October 21, 2003, 08:48:35 PM
An easy solution is to to go iTunes, then Preferences. Click on "Importing" and change the "Import Using" button to "Aiff encoding."

Then click on your mp3(s) to select it (them) in iTunes, go up to "Advanced" and convert your selection to aiff files - these should then burn in Toast without a problem. smiley

33  General Discussion / Fan Forums / Kathy McCarty on: September 30, 2003, 12:55:34 PM
Yes... "Dead Dog's Eyeball" is more than worth the effort to find.
34  General Discussion / Fan Forums / Another Link on: September 25, 2003, 09:42:10 PM
While searching for the Peel Show (unsuccessfully), I did come across this link on the BBC's site... this might be old news to some of you, but it was sure news to me... an entire streaming concert from June 15th, 2002!

35  General Discussion / Fan Forums / The BBC performances on: September 25, 2003, 08:23:13 PM
Thanks for the link to the three Blue Room songs. It was worth sitting through two hours to capture it. The three songs he does, by the way, are "Love Returns," "Mountaintop" and "True Love Will Find You In The End." It's quite interesting to hear a "solo" version of "Mountaintop," which is one of the more "produced" cuts on the new album. However, it sounded - at least on "Mountaintop" and on "True Love" that Dan was on some heavy medication at the time - he sounds sluggish and tired, and the timing on "True Love" is truly bizarre... as if he's playing the song at the usual tempo, but singing it much slower, and that his voice isn't listening to what his guitar is playing.

The announcer also mentions he's done some songs for the John Peel show. Does anyone know if these have been broadcast yet and are available for on-line listening?

36  General Discussion / Fan Forums / Baby Crazy mp3 on: September 19, 2003, 07:10:28 AM
Hi, Dejected
First of all, thanks for all of the new features and improvements on the website in the past couple of weeks. I'm looking forward to the "members only" features kicking in.

Now... a question about "Baby You're Driving Me Crazy..." -- The link you provide here identifies it as Toronto, while the information on the main webpage says it's Montreal... what's the correct venue? Do you have the date it was recorded, by any chance?

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