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376  General Discussion / Fan Forums / Re: dvd box for movie called ''growing a beard'' on: March 04, 2004, 02:08:06 AM
Quote from: wickedwill
yesterday i was in the independent section of the video store and there was a movie called ''growing a beard'' about a beard growing contest in some small boring town alot like the one i live in. well on the back you know how they put quotes by people who have seen the movie and guess who was on there and what it said
''made me want to grow a beard''
jeff feuerzeig- director of the daniel johnston story

 could that be the official title and is it right around the corner? the release date?

someone give me some info

That DVD has been around for a little while. Actually, it says:

"jeff feuerzeig- director of the daniel johnston documentary"

... and I'm sure that is NOT gonna be the title. Wonder why they didn't plug one of his finished films? Must be his way of drawing attention to the work in prograss.

 - Not Daniel
377  General Discussion / Fan Forums / Re: the horror movie?????? and bootlegs on: March 02, 2004, 11:54:36 AM
Okay, one of the folks over at the IMDB confirmed from the movie's closing credits that yes indeed, Daniel's performance of "Careless Soul" can be heard in the 1994 "Return of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre" with Renee Zellweger and Matthey "Butt Bongo" MacConaughey.

  - Not Daniel
378  General Discussion / Album Chat / Re: daniel's best song ever on: March 02, 2004, 09:37:51 AM
Quote from: jean astro
it might be a lame question, but..
whats your favourite song of daniel johnston??
if you could only save one what would it be?

i'd pick 'grievances', it kills me

or favourite darling girl. or maybe Nothing , on why me?

 :? hard to answer

To finally jump in here, I have to say that I automatically think it's Grievances, but in truth, nothing beats "An Idiot's End". Grievances may be more personal or essential or whatever, but the word-work and imagery in An Idiot's End is pure world-grade songwriter at peak performance level. A knockout.

  - Not Daniel
379  General Discussion / Fan Forums / a weeping daniel??? on: March 02, 2004, 09:08:55 AM
Quote from: Stallion
Is there a video of this?

Video of Don't Play Cards With Satan that I mentioned...?

Also I don't think it's a trick like you say....that's pretty hurtful dude.

Okay, here's the way I see it: He's drawn you in with the heavy emotional, soulful song (it IS a fantastic, gut-wrenching performance, by the way), and then the camera slo-o-o-wly pans up his arms to a closeup on his trembling face; there's a long, slow, uncomfortable pause... Then he suddenly pulls a "180" -- he throws on a silly Andy Kaufman grin, cocks his head and whips out his album with a "buy it now, folks" look on his face, and plays the goofy cartoon "shave anna haircut, two bits!" ending on the organ. That doesn't make you laugh??? That's a typical Daniel switcheroo!

Seriously, how are you interpreting it that's different?

  - Not Daniel
380  General Discussion / Fan Forums / a weeping daniel??? on: February 29, 2004, 04:24:14 PM
Quote from: Anonymous
I don't know but I've heard a couple songs where he cries (one was off of one of the lost recording tapes).  Also if you have the new re-issued Jad Fair and Daniel album there's a video of Dan playing Don't Play Cards With Satan.  Pretty much towards the end of the song he starts to cry and get very emotional....it's amazing.

Yeah, and then suddenly he pulls that little trick at the very end... "Emotional" indeed! That conniving little so and so - I crack up laughing every time I watch it!

  - Not Daniel
381  General Discussion / Fan Forums / Re: the horror movie?????? and bootlegs on: February 29, 2004, 04:20:18 PM
Quote from: wickedwill
i really think someone is pulling our legs on this one. i probley seen every gore splatter movie you could think of and i dont ever remember a dan song in a movie.

The 1994 one, with Austin musician Robbie Jacks (R.I.P.) as Leatherface, is no doubt what's being referred to. On the IMDB board for the film, several people have recently been asking about songs from the film, and all the answers have been Austin bands.

Personally, I'm pretty sure I remember a Dan song being rather hilariously obvious in the film, but I'n not gonna sit thru that turkey again to prove it...

 Not Daniel
382  General Discussion / Biographical Forum / Re: Recording sessions on: January 24, 2004, 10:14:51 PM
Quote from: dejected
I think the recording in Austin this fall was with Jad Fair and separately with Brian Beatty (of Butt Hole Surfers).

I understand that Brian Beaty (who produced "Rejected Unknown") is producing an album due out next year.   But these recording sessions are not part of that album.

Butthole Paul Leary is supposed to be producing the Danny and the Nightmares' 3rd CD, and the Brian Beattie stuff was actually recorded years ago, at the same time as "Rejected/Unknown". I don't know about when the former will be released or by who, but as I understand it, the latter (titled Lost and Found) could be in stores as soon as Gammon Records wants it there.

  - Not Daniel
383  General Discussion / Fan Forums / Re: Help me identify these songs on: January 24, 2004, 09:10:26 PM
Quote from: j7on
He sometimes reads something like a poem at the end of a concert, goes like this:

Sarah drove around in her car, she repeat the same story repeat the same joke
And holding up her children in public like puppets
Johnny laid on the railroad tracks, let the train run over his head,
They said he was just curious what it felt like to be dead…etc.
…don’t wanna wear my worried shoes, no, no, no, no…

Any help would be helpful. :wink:


This would be the Worried Shoes that was first heard when Dan was recording with the Rhythm Rats in around 1987 -- a personal fave of mine!!! That recording features a fantastic spoken bit in the middle that totally recreates the Austin music scene atmosphere of the time. Those bastard documentary producers still have damn near ALL my original hand-drawn Dan cassettes, otherwise I'd transcribe it here.

  - Not Daniel
384  General Discussion / Fan Forums / Re: RARE MUSIC SITES on: January 24, 2004, 08:02:50 PM
Quote from: dejected
There are several sitest that deal in out-of-print albums and "rare" hard-to-find ones:

Here is one with Kathy's album listed - you can actually get "dead dog's eyeball" new! :


And for anyone who doesn't know, the Sorry Entertainer EP includes 3 or 4 more Dan songs that she couldn't fit on the album...

  - Not Daniel
385  General Discussion / Fan Forums / Re: Artists on COVERS BENEFIT ALBUM on: January 24, 2004, 07:55:51 PM
Quote from: DWJ
So far I'm very impressed with the list of artists they are engaging for this album, although I'm not sure I'm able to say who they are.

I won't spoil things either, but suffice to say, if even a small percentage of the names I've heard are really involved, everyone here will be floored.

 - Not Daniel
386  General Discussion / Fan Forums / Re: TALK IS CHEAP on: January 24, 2004, 07:39:21 PM
Quote from: dejected
If Daniel WAS a millionaire today, he wouldn't be tomorrow.  He can't handle money!!!   He doen't "value" it.  He'd give it away, or spend it on comic books and soda pop!  He "lives in the present" and planning and saving is hard or impossible for him.

  Daniel is NOT materialistic.  He doesn't care a twit about having fine clothes or good furniture or a big house.  His studio is half of his parents garage.  It is not heated or air conditioned, either.  You've probably seen the pictures of his studio.  He delights in simple and sometimes silly things - but not materialistic or pretentious stuff.  He spends most of his waking hours out there drawing and song-writing.

Yep, you can walk out with a whole box of drawings whenever you visit! On the other hand, you can also give him extravagant presents like the first Silver Age appearance of Captain America, and find out soon after that he's lost it! (I won't be doing THAT again!)

One set of figures to illustrate Dan's income (IIRC): He got an advance from Atlantic of $36,000 for Fun. Then good ol' Yves came out and made a video (which nobody was gonna air, obviously) and took back $30k of that!

On the other hand, living with yer folks is a great way to save on rent!

   - Not Daniel
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