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Title: "The Eye Band" : Where are they now?
Post by: The Dentist on May 20, 2006, 06:24:48 PM
For the recording of the album "Artistic Vice" Danny put together a group of his friends to make "The Eye Band". I have many wonderful stories of those times in Bill & Mabel's basement. Some of the band members no longer live in the area, but we've tried to get together when we can. Here's what they're doing now.
And if you have the photo from the album, I'll go from left to right. :wink:

Mike West: Practicing his craft in New Cumberland.
Dale Dugeon: Preaching the Word in the Christian Church
Tom Gruda: Bus mechanic and playing in a band
Don Spencer: Working and teaching guitar
Brent Conkle: Last I heard he was living in Japan
Fred McMahon: Working and playing drums in Nashville

If anyone would be interested, I do have some great stories about the recording of "Artistic Vice", as well as a load of boombox cassettes from our practices. Let me know. :-D

Title: Re: "The Eye Band" : Where are they now?
Post by: Henry Long on May 21, 2006, 08:30:27 AM

Like I have written to you before...you are a part of this history, and this history is being re-written all over the place on a daily basis. It is good to have the facts from those who lived it, and to document whatever can be salvaged from time and inattention. Looking forward to your "Making of Artistic Vice" stories.

Some questions- While rehearsing with Daniel, did you guys warm up with any particular covers? Was there actually a demo, as suggested at the end of the brilliant "I Killed the Monster?" How was Daniel's mood during all this? How was Kramer handling it? What kind of songs got left off the official release? (I'd be VERY interested in hearing some of those tapes you mentioned, by the way)

Also, for the record, thank you for your part on "The Startling Facts," one of my absolute favorite Daniel Johnston pieces, and one that tells "the series of events" quite beautifully.

Title: Re: "The Eye Band" : Where are they now?
Post by: The Dentist on May 23, 2006, 10:06:41 AM
Concerning the demo mentioned at the end of "I Killed The Monster", yes indeed, we did cut a demo before Kramer came on board. The backing vocals on the demo are really quite bizarre. And personally I like the demo version better than the album version. The only remaining copy of the demo is on one of those cheap cassettes that Danny so loved. But I do still have it. :wink: