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Title: "Baby, You're Driving Me Crazy"
Post by: Disfranchise on April 25, 2006, 03:57:46 PM
I was thinking of the gig Daniel did on the Roskilde Festival in 2003 and there was this song I heard and that was later discussed on this forum. So I looked around here on the site and found this

"Baby, You're Driving Me Crazy" - (it's nice to have someone to blame)

In anticipation of the continued stream of questions about this song which Daniel sang on tour: the song does not appear on any album nor does any studio recorded copy of the song exist.   I've been told by many that the song "sounds like a pop hit" - something that sticks in your head after hearing it only once.  Daniel says he expects the song to be on the next album.  I'll try to get a sampling of the song to post here later...   (does anyone have a bootleg recording of it that we can use?)   Thanks for your interest.
So what happened to this song? anyone know if it will be used on an album or something? Hope Daniel hasn't forgotten it. There were other songs he played that day that were really cool, one reminded me of somekind of horror movie or something like that.

Title: Re: "Baby, You're Driving Me Crazy"
Post by: Henry Long on April 25, 2006, 06:02:35 PM
A brilliant version (just vocals/guitar) is on a "bootleg" of "Daniel Live in Vienna 10/13/02." It sounds like it's recorded from a German radio source. The sound quality is pretty good.

This same bootleg has:

Freedom (?)
New Horizon (?)
1 and 1 makes 2 (?)
Mind Contorted
Running Water
Silly Love
Dairy Queen
Life in Vain
Bloody Rainbow
Casper The Friendly Ghost
Live and Let Die
     Song Attempt (board of censors!)
Frito Lay
True Love Will Find You in the End

It is also in the MP3's somewheres in the Rejectedunknown.com archives (Live in Austin?)

Title: Re: "Baby, You're Driving Me Crazy"
Post by: Disfranchise on April 28, 2006, 11:36:24 AM
`has he played the song lately? Apperently it didn't end up on the album after fear yourself, however that would be lost and found so..  there might be a chance of hearing it on his next album I guess since Daniel wanted to use it and hopefully some other songs he's been playing live.