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Title: story of an artist
Post by: mdboyd on March 29, 2006, 03:08:33 AM
sure, favorite songs come and go, but what was it about them made them you're favorite?   Take 'Story of an Artist,' a hauntingly beatiful song that has been or probably will be on everyone's favorite list once the movie comes out.... what is it in the song that you hear?

....uh, okay, I guess I'll go first.  Forgive me if my biographic knowledge is off, but this an interpretation thread anyways.....

miscommunication, misunderstanding....  this song to me isn't so much about the artist, as it is about the story of oncoming mental illness.  Here's Daniel, withdrawing to the fray and focusing in the few safe things in his life - the Beatles, art....   He's depressed, maybe his full-blown episode of clinical depression.  ... and then with everything that goes with it, guilt, self-doubt, feelings of persecution - none of which was probably ever real.  still, he feels it and his family doesn't understand his change in behavior.   "he just needs to grow out of this."   they don't know he's sick.  he doesn't either.

so he tries to reconcile his depression, the tension in his family life, everything, into the story of an artist.  'maybe artist are meant to suffer...'  that would certainly explain things...  fortunately for us, Daniel is an incredible artist, and is able to tell this incredible story for anyone to feel - it almost feels voyeuristic to look down so clearly on the beginning of his illness.  you almost just want to scream "Dan!  look out!" 

oh man does that song just sends shivers down my spine.