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Title: Serious Stuff -- Read This!
Post by: notdaniel on September 06, 2013, 11:23:19 AM
Yes, some of you already know much of this info -- this is a paraphrased set of comments I made in response to a Youtube video for "Hard Times". (For the record, despite the title, my "Bangkok" post contains real news as well).

OKAY – THIS IS SERIOUS, PEOPLE! Are you still keeping the faith in regards to the eventual release of the Daniel J./Rhythm Rats album December Blues (originally solicited for a 2006 release!)  Well, the real key figure in album is Rhythm Rats lead guitarist Will Indian, who is currently in the waiting line for a liver transplant. It's not difficult to search around the web and find how you can donate to Will's health needs. I'm about to Ebay a couple of related items to help, and I'll probably also share some donations to my upcoming crowd-funded vinyl EP w/Dan: "Backed By Popular Demand". So keep an eyeball out for that!

BTW: If you haven't noticed, the Reaper has followed Dan in recent years: in addition to his elderly mother Mabel and a nephew (son of brother/tour manger Dick Johnston), he lost his good friends and recording partners Jason Nightmare (latest album "Death of Satan" by Danny & the Nightmares) and Mark Linkous (last album "Fear Yourself); also his touring guitarist and best friend recently  required benefits to help pay medical bills for a brain tumor and a smashed leg, respectively. (I won't even mention the tale of Dan's former manager being left for dead by a neighborhood axe murderer!)

   So... If you EVER want to hear the great (trust me!) DECEMBER BLUES album, 1/2 recorded in 1986 & 1/2in 1999, [Tracks: December Blues*/ Big Big World/ Hard Times/ I Stand Horrified/ Good Look/ Stinker/ Was/ Worried Shoes/ Suspicious Minds/ Broken Dreams/ Wicked Will/ What I've Seen/ Speeding Motorcycle] plus all four songs from the live 1997 “Not? Daniel Johnston!” comeback show I set up with Brent Grulke (also R.I.P.) of SXSW, put yr $ where yr ears are!!!

   not dan

Title: Re: Serious Stuff -- Read This!
Post by: katzel on September 25, 2013, 08:08:23 PM
Any news on the ebay auction... did I miss it?

Title: Re: Serious Stuff -- Read This!
Post by: notdaniel on October 04, 2013, 10:16:51 PM
Any news on the ebay auction... did I miss it?

Nope -- me and my gf have both been under the weather, as they say. Hopefully in the next week I'll be caught up on things to the point where I can do some Ebaying.

FYI, the items included in the benefit auction will include:

1) a copy of the Rhythm Rats' 1986 LP Equipment Check, including Daniel Johnston cover art [(http://s.pixogs.com/image/R-3380956-1328152561.jpeg)] and and an artful cover of his song "Speeding Motorcycle" (which I'm almost positive is the first DJ cover tune ever pressed on
to vinyl).

2) a copy of their 1987 cassette-only album (the title escapes me at the moment) which includes their cover of Dan's song "Broken Dreams".

3) [as long as it doesn't violate Ebay rules] a copy of a cassette the Rats gave me, including a bunch of stuff they recorded with Dan for the "Big Big World" EP (1988), and the tape he originally sent them, playing songs and making suggestions for which ones he thought they might like to add to their repertoire.

   -- notdan

(I'll be sure and post a heads-up here shortly before I do the auction.)