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Title: video of my band Dables doing a heavy metal version of Sorry Entertainer
Post by: dables on November 25, 2011, 02:39:24 AM
HEY! Here's my band Dables playing our take on Sorry Entertainer in Greenville, SC November 2011. The video was shot with a crappy camera, and by a drunk guy who couldn't keep the camera still, but NEVERTHELESS I wanted to share this with fellow DJ fans! If you like what you hear check out more of my tunes at www.dables.bandcamp.com or like us on faceboook at www.facebook.com/dables108

WELL it won't let me embed the video so I'll just post a link:

it's not a virus or spam or anything I promise, I wouldn't do that to a johnston message board! if you don't feel comfortable clicking the link for some reason just go to youtube and search for "dables sorry entertainer"!