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Title: New College RADIO SERIES forum topic
Post by: dejected on September 21, 2010, 01:43:12 PM
The Daniel Johnston Fan Forum (http://forum.hihowareyou.com) now features this new topic for the RADIO SERIES "Story Of An Artist" (see ).

In this forum, we hope to solicit YOUR INPUT and CONTRIBUTIONS for possible use in the radio series.

Please post your questions and comments FOR THE RADIO SHOW under this topic.  

Please try to limit the TOPICS and POSTS in this section to those that inquire or comment about the RADIO SERIES, and continue to post regular topics about Daniel under the appropriate GENERAL DISCUSSION areas.

Some stories (such as "how I first heard about Daniel Johnston" experiences) in the archives of this FORUM may be quoted, and we invite you to share those experiences under the named topices under GENERAL DISCUSSION.  You can also contribute your personal RECORDED EXPERIENCES for consideration on the show to the email address "danielstoryforum@gmail.com".    (see that topic for more information.