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Title: INTRODUCING College RADIO series "Story Of An Artist"
Post by: dejected on September 21, 2010, 01:36:12 PM
October 2010 will see the release of SEASON 1 of the RADIO SERIES "Story Of An Artist" hosted by Daniel's college friend and tour guitarist Brett Hartenbach, with occasional guest hosts such as Daniel's college friend, David Thornberry.

Designed for late-night college audiences, the one hour program seeks to introduce new users to Daniel's prolific creativity, and offer unexpected surprises for even the most established fans.

The show will air MUSIC from Daniel's diverse catalogue as well as many HARD-TO-FIND recordings and NEVER-BEFORE-RELEASE songs along with live performance and rare recordings. 

You'll also HEAR DANIEL himself talk at length, extracted from the many CASSETTE LETTERS he sent to friends in the 80's, as well as recent conversations and excerpts from interviews.

Each show will feature an INTERVIEW or SPECIAL EVENT.   The series begins with animated INTERVIEWS from people connected with Daniel over the years, including Jellyfish's Jason Falkner (who produced Daniel's latest album "Is and Always Was", Jad Fair (of Half Japanese), Jeff Feuerzeig (director of the award winning documentary "The Devil And Daniel Johnston", and MANY OTHERS!

Brett Hartenbach was a friend of Daniel beginning during Daniel's time at Kent State University branch in East Liverpool, Ohio from 1980-82.  Brett's talented guitar playing is on many tracks from songs published by Daniel, and Brett has resumed touring with Daniel beginning in 2007.  Brett's close ties with Daniel and his association with him over the years make him an excellent source for of Daniel Johnston trivia, and an reliable judge of what is fact or fiction about Daniel.   His experience in the music industry is extensive, and his research is stellar.   We expect some shows to feature guest hosts, including Daniel's friend beginning the same period, David Thornberry.

A new link featuring information, news, and broadcaster's access to the shows and music catalogue will open this week at http://radio.hihowareyou.com.

For more information, or to subscribe to the series for broadcast, contact Daniels brother, Dick Johnston, at the email address radio@hihowareyou.com.

Title: Re: INTRODUCING College RADIO series "Story Of An Artist"
Post by: gina164 on September 21, 2010, 02:14:44 PM
Sounds like a winner. 

Happy for Dan that he'll have this new avenue to connect with new fans, and be more connected with his younger generations of fans.

Nice work, Dick!

Title: Re: INTRODUCING College RADIO series "Story Of An Artist"
Post by: WayneCrazyTrain on October 07, 2010, 09:30:21 AM
I caught the first show the other day and was very pleased.  They did a great job of presenting a mix of old and new stuff.  The interview was interesting and gives insight to the Artist.  Look forward to future shows.  :-D