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Title: well...
Post by: Rusted Square on February 08, 2009, 01:51:04 PM
I cant honestly pick a fav album and be happy with myself here! Ok I will start this out like this I first heard/seen Daniel's music/art from the docu of course (I sure wish I heard ALOT sooner though!) and ever sense been ready for more.Then I join the site and the joy of loving Daniel's work jumped from Im interested to Im far to intrigued not to find more!So I looked looked looked looked and yes looked for his music in stores then asked a question about how to find it in store and ya'll said most likely check local type music stores so I did (cuz I cant buy online).I found me an out of place music store that got me the albums "rejected unknown", "discovered covered", "1990" and "artistic vice" which I feel in love with.

Now this brings me to the point where I must hear more BUT never heard to much of his older stuff so I was very worried about buying more but I just had to and I was ready to be disapointed.So once X-mas came around my parents said(cuz they knew Im in love with Daniel's music) for your x-mas we are willing to buy you the albums you want so of course I had to! I ordered EVERYTHING but "lost and found","fear yourself" and "fun" which I think I goping to have to get now!

Now I say I will have to buy the ones I didnt buy because I have been listening to these albums I bought EVERYDAY sense I got them and I have NEVER been so impressed! Im sooooo happy I have these albums cuz I have never listened to anything that got me into it like these songs Daniel has created!My god these songs are so beautiful/sad/happy and every feeling inbetween that I cant believe it! Well I guess I can believe it but I didnt expect these albums to be so wonderful! Normally most artists have songs I dont really get into but for me Daniel just doesnt have a song I can get into or relate to!I wish I was better at writing a review or whatever but Im not so this is the best I can do at the moment.

Another thing that I personally notice when listening to Daniel's music is it feels timeless! Maybe timeless isnt the right word but right now the words I want just arent coming to me but they are so great.I sometimes feel like I have heard them before even though I never heard them before in my life! I cnat explain that feeling but when I heard some of his songs I really feel like this.I mean maybe its becuase I heard a cover not realizing it was a Daniel Johnston song but I dont think so for some of them.

Songs like "I'd like to say goodbye" "Im a song "scattered like birds" "I'll do anything but break dance for ya, daring" and so many MANY more really hit home! I just dont think I was ready for just how good these albums/songs are! Though I dont like saying that I wasnt ready cuz I knew I would just LOVE them but I was straight caught off guard cuz every song in my opinion is perfect and beautiful!

Man can Daniel play that piano like a champ or what? Question though did Daniel teach himself how to play piano?

now for the very end I just want to say Im so blanking happy all these songs/albums were kept so the world can hear all of them cuz they are so wonderful!

Right now Im stuck on listening to retired boxer/respect and lost recordongs (vol. 1) alot.

cant wait to get my hands on the albums I dont have and the albums in the future!


Title: Re: well...
Post by: harrysjm on February 10, 2009, 10:45:34 AM
hmm if i had to pick one it would be What of Whom..but im glad i dont have to pick one=]

Title: Re: well...
Post by: Rusted Square on February 10, 2009, 03:36:15 PM
Well I cant pick a fav album, But I can truely say NOW after having and listening to every song so many MANY times that Daniel is and always will be one if the smartest songwriters that I have personally heard! For some reason all I could think about for awhile after hearing these songs are I bet their are so many I/all have never heard seeing he has thousands of cassete tapes! But maybe Im wrong about that though but I for some reason was thinking about that for awhile after finally be able to hear his older stuff and whatnot.Actually I think the thoughts about that came from the inside little paper that came with "White Magic".

But these songs are so inspiring and not just for artists but for anyone going through a hard time and everyone has been through a hard time in life.They also show if you are good at something/have a dream and never give up you could/might make it so never give up!