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Title: ummm is Daniel ok?
Post by: Rusted Square on December 23, 2008, 11:11:50 PM
I ask cuz in the "UNION CHAPEL" video he is really shaking bad and I have actually noticed this in other videos but thought hey maybe he is just really nervous cuz I know when Im nervous around people I kinda shake.But I ask cuz Im a bit worried and would just like to know if he is ok.Is it odd not do know a fellow personally but be worried about him? Well atleast I dont think its odd to be worried.But I do know of some health problems that make you shake for no reason so I was just wondering if he happens to have one(sorry I cant for the life of me think of the name of the problem Im thinking of and even if I could think of the name I wouldnt be able to spell it haha).

I also have another question about his albums but I dont want to ask them in this post cuz its a whole different topic so I figure I will wait a few more days(I feel my first question is a bit more important to me).

Title: Re: ummm is Daniel ok?
Post by: Alex on December 24, 2008, 04:40:34 AM
From what i've seen (the trailers) of the Union Chapel dvd (2007) he is shaking much more then he was at the Amsterdam gig, what was two/three months ago. The Union Chapel looks like a very big venue, maybe that's why he's more nervous.

Title: Re: ummm is Daniel ok?
Post by: Henry Long on December 24, 2008, 06:56:34 AM
From what I've been told, the trembling/shaking is a result or side-effect of his medication. I've known a few people who were taking some of what Daniel is taking, and they also had this trembling, at times. It may be made more extreme due to stage nervousness or performance energy, I'm not sure, but it's no cause for alarm.

Title: Re: ummm is Daniel ok?
Post by: Rusted Square on December 24, 2008, 12:25:25 PM
ahhh medication side-effects makes alot of sense actually! I dont know which meds he is on but I can see it being a side-effect and also it being mixed with nervousness.I can say this though the shaking doesnt seem to effect his live shows or singing so thats great!

o yea I forgot to mention I only saw the trailer also and on youtube they show a longer video of a full song also which I was pretty happy to be able to see.I think this "union chapel" video would be worth getting at some point.

Title: Re: ummm is Daniel ok?
Post by: Henry Long on December 24, 2008, 07:12:33 PM
"Worth getting" is an understatement my friend. It's a MUST HAVE!

Totally Effing-a-Mazing. Some of his best live versions I've ever heard, great backing band, breath-taking acoustic and chord organ accompaniment, plus bonus extras. A rare, beautifully done document of a perfect night in London. I've been whispering in Rob Wheeler's ear about this from way before the actual gig, so I've known about it long before most, and it is well worth the wait and all the effort which went into making this happen. Mr. Wheeler should be knighted. Sir Rob.  :-D

Order it. Watch it. LISTEN to it. If you don't like it, I'll personally give you your money back.

'Nuff said!

Title: Re: ummm is Daniel ok?
Post by: Rusted Square on December 26, 2008, 03:30:18 PM
Well you know what Henry?I think Im going to take you up on that offer!!!!!!!! hehe well first I just have to say I know I will love it and want to watch it more the 10 times cuz I have watched the documentary many many many times so watching a live show (that from what you say is his best live show) I know I iwll watch many many times!

Ok instead of making a new thread and spamming the forum Im going to ask a few questions about buying his albums if its ok?!

Well at the moment Im having a hard time with the store cuz for me it keeps freezing up then I closing and going ot my desktop.........is anyone else having this problem?

Well becuase of that problem I cant really see what albums are there to buy so Im going to ask if "Its spooky" is available is the store on the site? I just love Jad Fair so I have to buy that album cuz Jad and Daniel together is just well great!

Now to a different question.Ok well my parents are willing to let me use their card to buy stuff (its my christmas present :Q)) from the site so seeing Im not sure about what to buy.Now my problem is I love every song I have ever HEARD and thats the truth but I do have a limit that they are willing to buy me.So my question is this what order is best to buy his albums in? Basically Im guessing Im asking which ones are worth buying first becuase they are great (I know I know hard cuz they are all great albums).

Here are the ablums i already have "the late great Daniel Johnston:Discovered Covered", Rejected unknown", "Artistic Vice" and "1990".I know I want his older stuff but becuase I have a limit Im wondering which order is best.Now if your willing to take the time to let me know what you tihnk is best dont worry bout the money just put them in order that you think is best to someone that loves every song he has heard so far.

Title: Re: ummm is Daniel ok?
Post by: OhJoy on December 27, 2008, 08:38:06 PM
I can't help you put things in any order but I want to say my first Daniel Johnston CD was "Welcome to my world" and that's what hooked me. And I just love "Early Recordings - Volume 1" it's got two cds. Contains 2 early cassette tape albums from 1980-1983 "Songs Of Pain" (20 tracks) and "More Songs Of Pain" (18 tracks)

Keep us updated and let us know what you end up ordering. :)

Title: Re: ummm is Daniel ok?
Post by: Rusted Square on December 28, 2008, 05:12:05 AM
the store finally seems to be working right now for me so I took a look and now I have a very dumb question.Im a bit confused about this "Early Recordings - Volume 1" is from 1980-1983 and  these "The Lost Recordings" & "The Lost Recordings 2" are 1983 and I see they have different songs on them but I just wanted to make sure that they are 100% different right? I figure they are just making sure before I make up my mind cuz I would hate to buy an album that is the same as another one I get my hands on.

I also want to have actually cassette tapes sooooooooooooo bad but I cant afford to get but so much and plus I dont have a cassette player that works anymore but it would still be cool to have them haha.Also I notice some stuff I dont remember seeing in the store last time I took a ook months ago like "Hyperjinx Tricycle" and maybe a few others and if they were not their before I thinks thats pretty cool.I have a feeling I know IM going to get "Don't Be Scared" for sure but which album date wise is the first album of Daniel's music? Im guessing its the  "Early Recordings - Volume 1" right? Did he put that album together and give it out like he did for "Hi, How Are You?"?

Its going to be really really hard to make up my mind and this is my first time buying from the site and I was lucky enough to find the albums I do have in this really out of place music store.

Now Im also a bit confused on this and maybe Im just reading it wrong but the digital store has more albums then the regular store that will mail me his albums? ANy reason? I ask cuz I cant buy them if they are just mp3 downloads cuz I cnat burn them to a cd so i cna take them around with me which stinks and plus I like having the art cover that comes with them, Im weird like that.Also if you notice on the download site the song "Grievances" is on "more songs of pain" but on the store where they mail the album its on "songs of pain" but they are basically the same right? I know I have asked some dumb questions but when I have a question and I dont ask it I always regret not asking so I always ask no matter how dumb the question maybe/seem.

Im so EXCITED that I can finally buy the albums I have been wanting! I like the albums I have but really only "1990" was an ablum I knew I wanted until I got the other ones.Honestly I didnt know a darn thing about the other albums I have but "1990" so I wasnt to sure about them but once I listened to them I was very please!I think I wasnt sure about them becuase they were not talked about in the movie if I remember correctly.

Anyways I will let ya'll know what I get for sure and thanks for whoever takes the time answering my dumb questions above.

Title: Re: ummm is Daniel ok?
Post by: Green Monkey on December 28, 2008, 06:49:39 AM
The Early Recordings Vol. 1 and The Lost Recordings Vol. 1 & 2 are not the same albums.

The Early Recordings Vol. 1 contain the albums "Songs of Pain" & "More Songs of Pain". Whilst The Lost Recordings, released in two parts, contains songs recorded around the same time. The only similarities they share is the song Blue Cloud, which appears  on "More Songs of Pain" and "The Lost Recordings Vol. 2", although there seem to be some minor differences between the two tracks.

I hope this helps.

Title: Re: ummm is Daniel ok?
Post by: Rusted Square on December 28, 2008, 02:55:35 PM
yes thanks that definitely helps and I figured they were different but it never hurt to ask and double check.