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Title: YEAR END TOP 10!
Post by: Henry Long on December 13, 2003, 04:34:03 PM
My personal favorite new releases of 03, in addition to DANIEL'S Fear Yourself: (no particular order)

1. ARAB STRAP Monday at the Hug and Pint (...saw 'em live. Great!)
2. EVAN DANDO Baby I'm Bored (Yay! Evan comes back! All is forgiven)
3. MOGWAI Happy Songs for Happy People (...happy indeed)
4. YO LA TENGO Summer Sun (...a perfect Yo La Tengo album)
5. BONNIE PRINCE BILLY Master and Everyone (...played this one at least a thousand times)
6. WHITE STRIPES Elephant (...say what you will, this band kicks ass)
7. WEEN Quebec (...forget the weird reviews. Buy this CD!)
8. EEL'S Shootenanny (God Bless Mr. E)
9. (SMOG) Supper (...really a wonderful album. You'll want to go back and  check out alot more of his stuff, I assure you)
10. IRON AND WINE The Creek Drank the Cradle (...my absolute favorite
from this past year. Heartbreakingly beautiful and understated)

         Okay okay, had to add these too...(baker's dozen)

11. BECK Sea Change (...I think this came out in '03. If I'm wrong, so what)
12. NEIL YOUNG Greendale (...forever cool)
13. BRIGHT EYES Lifted (...another unsure in terms of exact release date)

So get writing! I'm sure I missed alot of great stuff this year...
Let the Fan Base Top 10 list continue...

Title: YEAR END TOP 10!
Post by: Disfranchise on December 13, 2003, 05:24:44 PM
Well, there's been alot of great albums coming out in Sweden that not many out there have heard although they're pretty famous in Sweden.
Try and download some "Broder Daniel" (nothing to do with DJ) songs on kazaa or whatever filesharing program you're using.
I'm sure some of you will be amazed! Also Nicolai Dunger, a singer/songwriter, has some wonderful tunes.
Think Dunger's latest was released this year.
It's a shame that the world don't know more about the Swedish music scene other than Cardigans or Hives because there's really alot of great music being made here.


Title: best album of '03
Post by: disinterested on December 15, 2003, 02:41:28 PM
best album of '03 is

Title: YEAR END TOP 10!
Post by: Disfranchise on December 15, 2003, 05:10:45 PM
disinterested: sign up as a member! You've written more posts than many of the other members.
The forum needs people like you so that it will be kept alive.


Title: top ten list
Post by: montfort on December 19, 2003, 05:34:00 PM
yeah, sea change and lifted... came out in '02, but they're great albums so more power to you!

1. radiohead - hail to the thief
2. ryan adams - love is hell
3. the strokes - room on fire
4. outkast - speakerboxxx/the love below
5. mogwai - happy songs for happy people
6. ryan adams - rock n' roll
7. daniel johnston + mark linkous - fear yourself
8. eels - shootenanny
9. postal service - give up
10. white stripes - elephant

keep in mind i havent heard a few supposedly great albums (yo la tengo, sonic youth) and i'm writing this with a very cloudy head, so its subject to change.  overall, though, i think its been kind of a crappy year... most of the stuff on my top ten wouldnt hold a candle to the greatness that came out in 2002

Title: YEAR END TOP 10!
Post by: Henry Long on December 19, 2003, 08:49:57 PM
Thanx for the list! Yeah, figured out the Beck and Bright eyes was from last year after I posted, but I swear I listened to them both alot this year, and they made quite a lasting impression.
Have to admit I dont know much of Ryan Adam's material. Will have to check it out.
Radiohead I somehow forgot about (!) but definately deserves to be in there, and I'll have to check out Postal service, as I am not familiar with them either.
I see you enjoyed Eels this year as well. Have you had the opportunity to see them live? I was fortunate enough twice, once in Phila and once at this great tiny place outside of Baltimore. Cheap, too! Like 12 bucks or something! Mr. E really rocks, and at the end of the night, about 20 minutes or so after the 4th encore and the lights are up and everyone has just about cleared out, they come back out and rip it up rockabilly punk for the remaining dozen or so fans and crew for a half hour or so.

Title: year end lists
Post by: montfort on December 23, 2003, 03:42:13 PM
wow! that sounds like quite a story from the eels concert, no i havent seen them live but would really like to.  postal service is kind of synth-pop goofy ridiculously happy songs, you really have to be in an unbelievably happy state of mind to listen to them (which doesnt happen often enough).  ryan adams' released two eps (love is hell) and one album (rock n' roll) this year and they are exquisite.  its weird, he used to be very alt country, then rock n roll came out and he's much rockier, then love is hell came out about a month ago and he's bordering on slightly radioheadish melodies and lyrics, its been remarkable watching him evolve.  i highly suggest love is hell