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Title: "Please Don't Feed The Ego" date
Post by: pjc on October 10, 2006, 09:29:47 AM
This is probably of no interest to anyone, but I would be mildly curious myself if anyone knows the real deal with the "Please Don't Feed The Ego" comp CD? It's dated '94 on the sleeve and in the discog, which reads:

This CD is a limited reproduction of a 1994 compilation of Daniel Johnston favorites - "Please Don't Feed The Ego - the best of Daniel Johnston #1".  The compilation was never produced in mass or distributed on any label.  It is reproduced here on Eternal Yip Eye Music.

Now that's obviously an incorrect date, as the CD contains tracks from Rejected Unknown (1999) and a version of Bloody Rainbow from a 1999 performance. I suspect this was thrown together in 2003 just prior to its appearance in the rejectedunknown.com store but maybe someone can set me straight on that one??